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I'm Sam, a biology student in the UK, a passionate science communicator and a freelance content creator. I run a podcast called Sit Down with a Scientist, a  YouTube channel  where I talk about science-y things as well as my life as a university student, and I chat about science on Twitter too (@SJ_McKay).

As well as chatting about science I spend my days studying how the cichlids of the African Rift Lakes evolved to be so different from one another. 


One day I'd love to have the chance to share the world we live in with you on television. So keep your eyes peeled and a smile on your face and let's wait and see what happens!

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Sit Down with a Scientist

Science has two huge problems:

1. most scientists can't communicate and 2. representation in science is abysmal. 

Sit Down with a Scientist aims to address both of these to show people that not all scientists wear labcoats and to showcase the amazing diversity of people working in and around STEM. 

I hope to one day build an accurate portfolio of every job and every kind of person in science to show that no matter who you are or where you're from no one is bad at Science

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Science Outreach

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