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Exploring the human brain - Experiments to keep you busy during the lockdown

A lot has changed since Monday but we're still going ahead with the rest of this weeks lessons!

This is a great experiment to learn more about your brain and how your body is wired. We all know no one's finger-prints are the same and that some people are right or left handed. But did you know that you can also be right or left eared? Right or left footed? Right or left eyed? It turns out we're all a lot more unique than we first think! Here's how to find out what side of your body is really in control!

What do I need?

Pen and Paper

Some coins

A toilet roll tube

A phone

Willing volunteers


1. First of all you need to make a table to store your data in - it doesn't have to be fancy. You just need a column for names going down the left hand side of the page and columns for "Hands", "Feet", "Eyes" and "Ears" next to it.

2. Once your table is ready hunt down your parents. Tell them they're part of some really important "neurological research" - Brain stuff. Once they've agreed to be part of your scientific study you'll need your materials - your pen and paper, some coins, a cardboard tube and a phone. Theirs will do!

3. Ask your parents to write their name down. What hand do they use? Record it in your table!

4. Get your parents to stand up, if they haven't done their daily Joe Wicks workout they should have plenty of energy! If they have, then you're probably going to need to tempt them with chocolate. Once they're up but a coin on the floor and ask them to tread on it. Which foot do they use? Write it down!

5. Tell your parents you're working on a rendition of the Gilbert and Sullivan classic - Pirates of Penzance. You urgently need a cast and whether they like it or not they need to audition. hand them a telescope (Toilet roll tube) and ask them to do their best pirate voice. Remember which eye they hold the telescope up to and write it down later. Let them down gently that they weren't good enough and you're going to have to cancel the show. Hopefully they won't take it too badly...

6. Finally you need your parents to answer their phone. Get someone in the other room to call them or just ask them to hold it to their ear. Which ear do they use? Record that in your last column.


You've got all your data! Hurray!

How many times did your test subjects use their right and how many used their left? Very few people will use the same side of their brain every time. Time to work out which side of their brain is really in charge - Here's a clue, it's the opposite of the side of their body they used most.

There you have it, now you know what's really going on inside your head! Have a great week and I'll see you again on Friday for some more fun and lessons!


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